Baptiste Bouvier

Computer Science & Political Science Student, MIT '22

Baptiste studied Computer Science at MIT and Public Policy at Oxford. His interests include ML for healthcare, using technology to augment policy analysis, and humanitarian development.

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Baptiste Bouvier

Born to French and Japanese parents, I've been blessed to live in the beautiful cities of Tokyo, Sydney, London and Boston throughout my life. I owe a great amount to my parents for an environment that was both flexible enough for me to follow my different dreams and firm enough to help me identify and stay true to my values. I'm grateful to them for speaking to me in their own native languages from birth, and I've continued that love for cultures by pursuing Chinese for the last seven years.

It doesn't make sense for any one culture to have identified the best way to live life. And so I'm fascinated about differences and will take any chance to have my assumptions tested. I do that through hosting a podcast, readings books from different cultures, and having conversations with as many people as possible.

At MIT and in my life, this translates into work in negotiation and conflict resolution (e.g., helping to teach the undergraduate negotiation class, doing research with HKS on negotiations in moments of crisis), public policy (e.g., supporting the Australian government to apply machine learning to education datasets), healthcare (e.g., developing a computer vision algorithm to detect diabetes from iris images), and entrepreneurship (e.g., starting MIT's first entrepreneurship club; supporting the governor of KY to promote entrepreneurship).

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